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 PowerPoint Presentations Submitted

Teaching Introductory Statistics to Non-Stem Learners: A Data Driven Redesign Experience (link)

Nimet Alpay – Franklin University

Myths, Learning Legends, & Neuroscience (link)

Matt Barclay – Franklin University

Choices, Challenges and Curriculum Design in an Age of Austerity: Teaching and Learning after the Crash (link)

John Diamond – Edge Hill University, United Kingdom

A Historical Approach to Innovative Teaching Strategies:

Are We Really being Innovative or Just Failing to Build on Lessons Learned? (link)

Pamela Dunning and John Dunning – Troy University

Teaching Methodological Reasoning to MPA Students (link)

Alex Heckman – Franklin University

What Should We Teach Students about Ethical Leadership? (link)

Alex HeckmanFranklin University

Forming Leaders for Public Service: Developing Insight in MPA Students (link)

Richard JacobsVillanova University

A Framework for Incorporating Behavioral Economics into Public Affairs Education (link)

Stephen KleinschmitIndiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne

Panel - The Practitioner as Instructor: Teaching as a Non-Professional Educator  (link)
Ben Tafoya Walden University