9th-11th June, 2014

Theme:  "Public Leadership in an Age of Austerity: Contestability and Conflict?”


Sunday, June 8
 Wine Reception - The Clove Hitch, Hope Street  sponsored by SPAE
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Monday, June 9  
0900-1000 Registration - Foresight Centre Reception  (Photo link)
1000-1015 Welcome - Main Hall
1015-1115 Keynote: Professor Allan Cochrane, Open University
"Localism in a Time of Austerity"  (Photo link)
1145-1300 Session 1
Main Hall
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Diamond & Dunning, P: Introducing Quality through Program Accreditation: A Necessary Evil?  (PPT link)
Stout: Intent and process of defining and assessing competencies in a Master of Public Administration (MPA) program. (PPT link)
Waterhouse Room Xavier: Public Admin in the Age of Austerity: A model for Transforming Public Services (PPT link)
Duckett: Shifting Landscapes of Leadership through Case Based explorations in Local Health Service (PPT link)
Training Room Cotter: Dual Policy Transfer: Understanding the links between policy transfer and policy failure (PPT link)
Karalaeva: Donors, Aid and Tax Reform in the Kyrgyz Republic (PPT link)
1300-1400 Lunch (Photo link)
1400 - 1530 Session 2
Main Hall
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Naylor: US Public Administration Programs: Increasing academic achievement by identifying and utilizing student learning styles. (PPT link)
Nollenberger: Comparing Online, Hybrid, and On Campus Alternatives in a Masters Program: Student preferences, perceptions of process and perceptions of  learning outcomes. (PPT link)
Waterhouse Room
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Jelier: Planning for Transformational Chang in an Age of Austerity: A comparison of New York and Russian cities. (PPT link)
Jones, M: Turning around (again?): Lessons from the experience of poorly performing local authorities. (PPT link)
Pugh & Connolly: The Crisis of Representation in Scottish Local Government: Lessons to be learned? (PPT link)
Training Room
(Photo link)
Liverpool Panel: Three Futures in Liverpool.
Southern: Asset Based Community Development in Anfield: (PPT link)
Hedlam: Creative Cluster in the Baltic Triangle. (PPT link)
Ashworth: Reclaiming Shared Space in Turbrook (PPT link)
1600-1730 Session 3
Main Hall
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Filipova: Is the Poster Session an Effective Teaching Tool for Developing Healthcare Leaders for an Age of Austerity? (PPT link)
Dunning, J: Reinforcing Leadership theory with Computer-based Simulation: A cost effective approach to improve essential skills. (PPT link)
Werner: Civic Engaged Learning Study.
Waterhouse Room
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Falconer: Responding to Austerity: Challenges and prospects for the management of museums and galleries in the UK. (PPT link)
Jones, M: Financial Resilience in Local Governments and Municipalities: An international exploration. (PPT link)
Murphy: Appraising Local Financial and Fiduciary Management in the UK. (PPT link)
Training Room
Perez: Twofold Role of Performance Management Systems: Impact of acute care hospital accreditation on assurance and improvement of quality standards. (PPT link)
Abdul Aziz: Effectiveness of Public Sector Complaint Management in Brunel Darussalam (PPT link)
Liu: Public Trust in Local Government in China: An empirical study from perspectives of public officials. (PPT link)
1745-1830 Keynote Address
Main Hall Professor Steven Condrey, President, Condrey and Associates, Inc. Immediate Past President, ASPA
"Teaching Public Human Resource Management in a Variety of Settings: Challenges and opportunities"  (PPT link) (Photo link)


Tuesday, June 10  
0900-1030 Session 4
Main Hall
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Killian: The Importance of Being Authentic. (PPT link)
Edlins: A Novel Approach to Developing Empathy: Using fiction to train street-level bureaucrats in skill and emotion. (PPT link)
Ademi: Collective Intelligence as an effective Tool for Teaching and Learning. (PPT link)
Waterhouse Room
(Photo link)
Quinn: Ireland's Public Administration in a Regime of Austerity: Coping and hoping (PPT link)
McInerney: public admin and Social Justice in Ireland: Lessons, potentials and pitfalls beyond bailout! (PPT link)
Seeler: Quality Teaching and Learning in Local Government: Establishing the Local Government Institute in Rwanda (PPT link)
1100-1230 Session 5
Main Hall
(Photo link)
Peters: Teaching Public Administration When a Declining Proportion of Citizens can Afford to be Liberal (PPT link)
Howell, Shand & Tidy: From the Classics to the Cuts: Valuing teaching public administration as a public good.(PPT link) (PPT link)
Waterhouse Room`
(Photo link)
Connolly: Crisis Management in the Context of Multi-Level Governance (PPT link)
Chouhan: Public Sector Management: Volunteers managing volunteers (PPT link)
Barton: Trust in the police: A European cross country analysis (PPT link)
Training Room
(Photo link)
Putzu: Education Policy and School Dropout Prevention: Working in concert or as a solo act? (PPT link)
Akande-Alasoka: Communication and Governance in the Sub-Saharan-Africa (PPT link)
Syeddah: Argentina in Peril Once Again: The dilemma of political leadership and fiscal policy failures (PPT link)
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1500 Practitioner Panel
Main Hall
(Photo link)
Improving Interoperability and Resilience Amidst Austerity: Opportunities and Challenges (PPT link)
Dan Stephens, Chief Fire Officer, Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service
Paul Kudray, Director of Resilience, North West Ambulance Service NHS trust
Andy Ward, Assistant Chief Constable, Merseyside Police.
1500 - 1530 Tea & Coffee
1530-1700 Session 6
Main Hall
(Photo link)
Clarke: Fire Service Accountability and the New Governance (PPT link)
Murphy: Assessing the New Fire and Risk Management (PPT link)
Wankhade: Ambulance Service and Health Inequalities: An exploratory study (PPT link)
Waterhouse Room
(Photo link)
Heckman: What to Expect When You're Go Virtual: My experience designing and delivering two online public administration programs. (PPT link)
Falconer, Nogiu and Rowe: Designing and Delivering the MPA as an Online Product (PPT link) ( Photo link)
Rosener: Teaching Public Administration in an Age of Austerity: Librarians and hybrid instruction. (PPT link) (Photo link)
Training Room
(Photo link)
Fernandez: Promoting Accountability through Innovations and Reforms in Good Local Governance: The experience of local governments in Japan and the Philippines (PPT link)
Bowden & Liddle: Back Seat Driving: Public leadership roles in an era of austerity, localism and the Big Society. (PPT link)
1700 - 1800 Frank Stacey  Memorial Lecture
  Jane Kennedy, Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside (Photo link)
1900 Dinner at Matou, The Pier Head sponsored by Laureate On-line Education
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Wednesday June 11  
0900 - 1030 Session 7
Main Hall
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Gerlowski & Naylor: US Higher Education: Fiscal constraints, increased demand and utilization of funds (PPT link)
Lancaster: Teaching & Learning Law in a Time of Austerity: Promoting innovation, competitiveness and entrepreneurship to effectively address contemporary realities. Case study of the Faculty of Law, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus. (PPT link)
Peters: Promoting Learning by Shifting to Students a Greater Share of the Responsibility for Learning. (PPT link)
Waterhouse Room
(Photo link)
Ayres: Examining the role of "Informal" Governance (PPT link)
King, N: Prospects for the "Ensuring State: in and Age of Austerity: Lessons from Local Authority Leisure Services. (PPT link)
Training Room
(Photo link)
FitzGerald, Hano, Nowell, Steelman: Stories from the Fire: An initial look at institutional responses to operationally engaged residents on wildfires of the Western United States. (PPT link)
Fejszes: New Public Management and Organisational Performance: A case study in the Forth Ward, Edinburgh (PPT link)
Dam: The Role of Public-Private Partnerships in Sustainability Transformations for Waste Management Systems: Experiences from Denmark and England (PPT link)
1100 - 1200 Session 8
Main Hall
(Photo link)
King, P: Using Signature Pedagogies to Bridge the Classroom and the Real World of Public Service
Clowes: Evolving Sources of Evidence in Public Administration and Policy Teaching and Research
Bartels: Doubt and Unsettledness: Learning and Teaching the Practice of Research (PPT link)
Waterhouse Room Alcock: Relying on the Reservists: The government's Strategic Defence and Security Review (PPT link)
Evans: The Transforming Rehabilitation Changes to the Probation Service in the UK (PPT link)
1300 - 1400 Joint TPAC and PAC Meeting
1400 - 1500 PAC Meeting

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